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Enjoy samples of my portfolio…

Media and Public Relations

Pittsburgh Penguins Chef Fuels Team, Pittsburgh Tribune

“Fuel for NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins” received the front page of the TRIB’s Lifestyle section.  Read more on how nutritious menus are created for the team with natural ingredients that build strength, sustain energy and overall enhance Penguins top-notch performance on the ice at the UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex in Cranberry Township, PA.

The Art of Feeding Steelers, Food Management Magazine

Working with NFL Communications was exciting in promoting this Pittsburgh Steelers chef, who was responsible for mid-season meals for players, staff and coaches!

Students Serve Seniors During COVID-19, Reading Eagle News

Several stories were promoted on how operations transitioned meal delivery to senior living residents and hospital patients during COVID-19.  At this community, over 1,000 meals are delivered daily by dining team members, including student workers who are doing more than just supporting their residents by helping to keep them safe, healthy and well nourished.  They are sending messages, providing hope and smiles!

Fresh Harvest Restaurant Launch, Tribune Democrat

Promoted the Fresh Harvest Restaurant — a five-star dining experience!  Fresh Harvest is located on the Laurel View Village campus and is open to the Davidsville, PA, community.  Fresh Harvest takes the the top trends from the restaurant and hospitality industries and adapts to the guests we serve!

Farmers Market, Pittsburgh Tribune

A 400-residential community received extensive media attention, including local television coverage for a large-scale farmers market featuring fresh produce from local farms and food partners. Residents enjoy live cooking demonstrations and baked goods that are prepared fresh onsite!

Meal Plan Makeovers, Senior Living News

Quality food and varied dining venues are always top priorities, but they are no longer enough. Grace promotes the new norm of retirement living which requires flexible dining options that align with the varied lifestyles of today’s residents.

Bada Basil Retail Brand Launch, FoodService Director Magazine

Bada Basil, a retail concept developed by Parkhurst Dining, was promoted to higher education and food service trades. Bada Basil emulates Italian street food, featuring made-to-order wraps and pasta bowls.

Living Life Wellness for Older Adults, The Harrisburg Sentinel

Living Life received coverage in this Harrisburg newspaper for activities and food entertainment events that increase socialization, wellness and memory support among older adults.  Learn more about this senior living brew club!

Menno Haven First WELL Certified in World, FoodService Equipment and Supplies Magazine

DESIGN OF THE MONTH:  Menno Haven Rehabilitation Center, the first WELL Certified Gold senior living community in the world, receives extensive media attention for this project built to improve the health and well being for everyone that experiences the building. The new dining operation was featured for its centralized kitchen where from-scratch food is consistently prepared to optimize health and nutrition, while efficient operating procedures and service levels enhance the overall dining experience.

Phoebe Terrace Hosts Healthy Eating Gathering for Residents, Lehigh Valley Press

Phoebe Terrace hosts healthy eating gathering for residents – Times News OnlineThis was the first gathering of residents in the lobby since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.  According to Grace Hoyer, manager of public relations, Cura Hospitality, “The BeWell approach is designed to help our residents choose well when they dine with us. By shaping our dining environment to influence the healthy choice and fashioning BeWell options as convenient, attractive and normal, we make the healthy choice the easy choice.”

Video Production

Individual Sports Player Highlights

A 2019 Senior Baseball Highlights video was produced for Stephen Hoyer. This is a great keepsake for you and your senior athlete to enjoy for years to come!

BOX'D Chef Launch

A BOX’D Chef video was produced to coincide with the product launch in September 2018.

An exceptional dining experience, BOX’D Chef simplifies meal time at home for independent residents and healthcare staff at senior living communities and hospitals. This exciting 30-minute recipe meal kit includes fresh quality ingredients packed by your onsite chefs daily.

Sports Team Highlights

Everything happens in a second!  Grace captures all the action in this video she produced of the 2019 Southern Lehigh Baseball season! 

Contributing Editor

Dining Well, Advance for Long-Term Care Management Magazine

This piece focused on wellness as an integral part of your senior living dining plan. Grace routinely contributes articles to senior living publications to promote her senior living and healthcare clientele.

Masked Hero, Western Pennsylvania Healthcare News

Masks have become as commonplace as having a cell phone! So, why not personalize or have a mask created that is reflective of you! That’s what Shelia Shepherd, a full-time cook for St. Clair Hospital in Pittsburgh has been “stitching” in her spare time! Sheila, who is from Castle Shannon, PA, is donating her time by sewing hundreds of one-of-a-kind masks with materials of her customers’ choice. 

Fine Dining, Advance for Long-Term Care Management Magazine

Culture change continues to inspire today’s leaders to transform the way older adults live in long term care communities. Homestead Village, a non-profit retirement community in the heart of Lancaster, Pa., is in its fourth year of the culture change journey.

EXPERT CORNER: Starting off 2021 with COLOR: Enhancing Safety, Wellness and Profitability

Learn from G.C. Zarnas & Co., Commercial Painting Division, on how their specialty coatings services enhance safety, wellness and profitability for property owners and project managers. Read more here.

Cura Helps Keeps Residents Healthy, Phoebe Messenger

By reducing the use of processed food and replacing with real food, we are able to help decrease the cost of medical visits, copays, prescription medications and other health services. Grace covers how Cura combines its culinary expertise with scratch cooking which creates a healthier dining experience for residents and patients!

Exceptional Food Service Increases Patient Satisfaction, Western Pennsylvania Healthcare News

As comprehensive healthcare reforms create significant challenges in healthcare delivery, hospital administrators rely more heavily on the expertise of its food service providers to deliver the highest patient satisfaction ratings!  

Spicing It Up, Long-Term Living Magazine

The trend for food knowledge just keeps growing and has many older adults viewing food as a source of entertainment, comfort and camaraderie.  In “Activity Matters” Grace covers a taste of the competition in this Iron Chef America spinoff!  

Dinner Conversations, Advance for Long-Term Care Management Magazine

A new program stimulates memories for residents with Alzheimer’s during mealtime. 

Headed to OLYMPIC TRIALS: Alexa Kutch, Decorated Swim Star from Easton High & Drexel University

When it comes to the swimming world, Alexa Kutch, says it best. “The friendships, socialization and camaraderie are what the sport is all about.” Now headed to the Olympic Trials in Omaha, Nebraska for the June 4th meet where she will compete in the 100 backstroke, Alexa reflects on her swim career and the time spent training for this opportunity of a lifetime—challenging at times due to COVID. But in the end, this Easton, PA native is ready to set her mark!

Farm to Plate Dining, College Services Magazine

Grace covered farm to plate dining that promoted sustainable chefs and how they applied farming trends to campus growing operations. Learn more about Farming for the Future Conference sponsored by the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture.

Connections, A Memory Support Dining Program, Western Pennsylvania Healthcare News

Grace routinely writes for Western Pennsylvania Healthcare News, the Pittsburgh region’s only online healthcare publication, which reports in-depth on the trends, issues and people that impact the area’s health care industry. Connections is a Cura Hospitality branded program for residents and patients with dementia, the first of its kind designed specifically for use in the hospitality setting.

Lehigh U Partners with Locals, FoodService Director Magazine

Grace was a contributing editor for Winsight Media’s FoodService Director Magazine, one of the largest national publications covering food service management solutions. Grace crafted several monthly articles covering healthcare and corporate dining operations across the country.

New Member Shares Experience about Joining the BOMA Family

On behalf of G.C. Zarnas & Co. Inc., Commercial Painting Division, Grace discusses the benefits and warm reception of the Building Owners Managers Association (BOMA) membership.  Read more here!.

Marketing and Sales Collateral

Real Estate

Real estate professionals are competing to market their expertise to potential buyers and sellers. Grace will tell your story to give you the competitive edge in this highly demanding market.


Growing up in a family-owned construction business has provided Grace with the knowledge to market the heavy-duty construction and specialty services industry. G.C. Zarnas was founded by Grace’s grandfather. Today, her father is the president. G.C. Zarnas benefits from Grace’s expertise to develop promotional pieces that market the company’s services including industrial and commercial specialty coatings, fireproofing, restoration and abatement.


Marketing traditional small businesses is Grace’s passion. Her expertise helps small and family-owned businesses compete in a global arena.

Sports and Entertainment

Grace produced this 20-page Light Up Limeport Commemorative Program. She acted as the copy editor and provided consultation on layout and design. Light Up Limeport is a fundraiser for organizations that support pediatric cancer. More than $40,000 in event proceeds were donated to Sassy Massey Smiles, Adopt a Pig and Angel 34 non-profit organizations.


Onsite and retail dining venues benefit from Grace Hoyer’s writing and promotional expertise to promote new restaurants, services or product launches.